Heston on the TODAY Show

World class British chef Heston Blumenthal may be a master at molecular gastronomy, but how good is he on the humble BBQ. 

The Fat Duck head chef is in Australia to promote his new range of BBQs, which look very fancy indeed. 

However, Heston attests that they are in fact very simple to use.

“There’s no firelighters, no lighter fuel, you just press a button that’s it,” he told TODAY.  

In the lead up to summer barbie season, Heston shared his tips on the perfectly cooked steaks.

“Always get the best quality meat you can get, that’s really important.

“If you can, leave it out of the fridge for a couple of hours beforehand so it just comes up to temperature.

“Make sure the BBQ is nice and hot then you flip it every 20 odd seconds.” 

According to Heston, flipping the steak helps it cook quicker and more efficiently than the traditional method.

“Flipping it, you’re giving it pulses of heat.”

Heston also emphasises the importance of resting the steak for a few minutes on a grill, not a plate. 

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